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The 5 Myths of Eyelash Extensions

October 1, 2017

If you have contemplated about getting lash extensions, you’ve probably heard a few myths.  Today, we’re clearing up these myths and giving you the truth.


MYTH #1: Extensions ruin your natural eyelashes.

TRUTH: This is probably the number one myth that everyone believes when they think of lash extensions.  Here’s the truth: natural eyelashes fall out everyday, around one to four eyelashes per day.  Because lash extensions make your lashes longer and more bold, you will notice shed lashes easier.  It’s natural!  It is simply your natural lashes doing what they naturally do.  Lash extensions do not have to ruin your lashes, but they can.  Pulling at your lashes can make your natural lashes and extensions fall out.  Also be sure to get your extensions professionally removed or have them fall out naturally.  This will also prevent any extra natural lashes to fall out.  So be careful! 


MYTH #2: Extensions hurt.

TRUTH: Getting extensions takes 1.5–2 hours and is supposed to be relaxing.  Many people even fall asleep.  There should be no pain whatsoever.  Be sure you are receiving your extensions from a professional!

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MYTH #3: Your eyes will negatively react to extensions or even become blind.

TRUTH: Reactions and irritations can come about with any type of procedure.  However, it is very unlikely that it will happen during your lash extensions application.  When done properly, lash extensions do not touch the skin. Your eyes are also closed during the extension process. 


MYTH #4: You can apply lash extensions yourself.

TRUTH: Technically, sure.  However, it is not recommended.  While it may be a bit cheaper, it is much more dangerous and time consuming.  Applying lash extensions take a ton of patience and a steady hand.  With the use of lash glue very often and close to your eye, it is best to have a professional do the job.  Also, getting extensions is supposed to be a relaxing experience.  So sit back, relax and let a licensed professional do all the work!


MYTH #5: Lash extensions are overpriced.

TRUTH: In most cases, you’re paying for quality.  Two hours, a steady hand and gorgeous results have a cost.  Of course, the more dramatic, the more expensive as well.  You’re paying for a semi-permanent procedure that lasts up to eight weeks.  Extensions also make your morning routine much easier.  Trust me, it’s worth it!

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Of couse there are more myths of eyelash extensions, but these are the most common.

With proper care, you’ll wake up everyday to lucious lashes that will make people do a double take!


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